Why You Should Cruise with Apple Watch!

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Call me a ‘Geek’, but I enjoy the self-promotional circus events that Apple puts on a couple times a year to announce their new products. And, this time, I decided to find benefits for the cruising public!

Let the hoopla begin, and the orders placed for the new Apple Watch. Touted as the ‘most personal device yet’, you will get personal enjoyment from these benefits of cruising with a shiny new wrist computer (ranging from about $350 for the Apple Watch Sport, to the 18K gold edition starting at $10,000). Here’s why you should cruise with an Apple Watch:

It Actually Tells Time!
Yoga class at 8AM; Meet the kids on deck 2 for the shore excursion at 9:30AM; Art appreciation presentation at 3PM; Happy hour with the Captain at 5PM; Comedy show at 7PM; and Chef contest at 9PM! Wow, that’s a full day, and you can be on time to each event without bringing along your cell phone to rely on. In fact, you can simply raise your wrist ever so slightly (remember not to strain — you’re on a cruise!) — and tell time without pressing a button! Oh, and it keeps time within 50 milliseconds of global standard time (I knew that would be important to you).

Taptic Reminders
With each day’s itinerary, simply tell your Apple Watch to remind you where and when to go to your favorite events on the ship. The technology will simply provide a gentle tap of your wrist to remind you of that upcoming ÔÇ£Carving Fruit into FlowersÔÇØ workshop on Deck 9 that you’ve always wanted to attend!

A Health Assistant

If there’s ever a time to place a bit more focus on reigning in dietary indulgences, and keeping fit, it’s on a cruise. Then again, walking the ship, climbing the stairs, and dancing like you’ve never danced before — you might find it’s OK to have a second slice of key lime pie! Apple Watch gives a complete picture of your activities throughout the day, and has a custom heart rate sensor built in. Track movement, exercise, and how long you’ve stood. Again, taptic reminders will tell you when you’ve been sitting too long.

Splash Proof

No — Don’t jump in the pool with your Apple Watch! However, Apple says that the watch is splash proof and water resistant. So, go ahead and run around the ship in the rain, and wear it to a sweaty workout, but don’t jump into the ocean with it on (unless you want a $350 piece of plastic and aluminum as an accessory).

With You ‘All Day’

Charge it overnight — wear it all day. OK, well at least for 18 hours of the day. The expected battery life of 18 hours should be ample for a long day of hanging out at the ship’s pool and occasional visits to the buffet. Plus, it’s right there — bound to your wrist, and much harder to lose or drop on the deck (not that that would ever happen to your phone that you lug around the ship!)

Author: David Gilmore, Partnership Marketing Director at www.LMTclub.com
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