Do As I Did: Explore the Never Conquered Marksburg Castle with Viking River Cruises

Braubach’s Marksburg Castle is perched high above the Rhine River like an ever-watchful sentinel. I recently enjoyed an insider view of this historic and cultural treasure with Gerhard Wagner, the venerable Museum Director of the German Castles Association, who also lives with his family in the castle. With thanks to its steep hillside position, Marksburg has never been conquered during its 800 years, making it a uniquely preserved architectural remnant from the High Middle Ages. You, too, can experience its commanding presence amid the rolling riverside landscape, and step inside its vast chambers to explore the niches and alcoves once patrolled by medieval castle keepers. Should you join our 8-day Rhine Getaway, perhaps do as I did and visit this magnificent German fortress, the unconquered Marksburg Castle.  Offer valid on bookings made from Dec 14 to Dec 24, 2017.

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