An UnCruise Adventure Aboard the Wilderness Legacy

An UnCruise Adventure Aboard the Wilderness Legacy

by CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein — See entire story here along with pictures … 

Having returned in late May from a 7-night Alaska cruise, Juneau to Sitka, on the UnCruise Adventures Wilderness Legacy, it’s my task to communicate that experience. I’ll start with a few comparisons:

It was like a river cruise: a small ship on the calm waters of the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska, with land in sight on both sides of the ship at all times. It was unlike a river cruise in that those waters were teeming with wildlife—whales and porpoises breaching; curious harbor seals, sea lions, and sea and river otters poking their heads out of the water to observe our passing.

It was like a high-end guided camping trip: excursions via kayak, motorized skiff, or on foot. We had options to hike through easy and/or rough terrain, with experienced guides bringing context and meaning to life cycles of the plants and animals surrounding us or simply allowing time to enjoy the cathedral-like beauty of a primeval forest, a waterfall, or a 160-foot wall of glacial ice. It was unlike a camping trip in that instead of tents we experienced well-appointed rooms with hot showers and soft beds; 5-star service and cuisine; and even hot-tubs on the top deck where we could enjoy the warmth as we watched the red alpenglow on the mountain peaks slowly sliding by.

It was like an ocean cruise because we needed to unpack only once, we still awoke to a new landscape each day. It was unlike an ocean cruise in that there were no port stops per se–as each time we dropped anchor we were still somewhere in the pristine Alaskan wilderness. Further, the ship itself was not the center of entertainment, but rather a place to eat and rest and share stories of the day, as well as get to hear about the lives and travel experiences of a small group of interesting, well-traveled passengers and crew who really had a chance to get to know each other.

The Ship.

Overall. The Wilderness Legacy is the largest ship in the UnCruise Adventures eight-ship fleet, though with just an 85 passenger capacity, it is a very intimate experience. The ship was built in 1985 for inland waterway voyages and is in no way showing its age. The Legacy was designed with a style that evokes earlier days of riverboat sailings with brass and wood fittings and other quaint touches. UnCruise has added photos and other memorabilia related to old-time Alaska exploration and life. The overall result is beautiful without being ostentatious or overdone.

See entire story here along with pictures … 

Cover photo: UnCruise Adventures Wilderness Legacy, credit Bob Levinstein

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