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CruiseCompete Currents: “SeaWorthy News”

CruiseCompete: Since Our Inception in 2003, We’ve Received Compliments and Mentions Each Year From the World’s Most Influential Publications & Writers

From AARP & Fodors to The Wall Street Journal to – Time, Esquire, Kiplinger, LA Times, Globe & Mail, MSNBC, Retirement Millionaire Daily, The Street, Newsday, Travel + Leisure, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Zagat, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Royal Caribbean Blog, Gayot, The Detroit News, The Boston Globe, plus Examiner, The Huffington Post and many, many more – the compliments and mentions here can give you insight into our website and why we are so highly acclaimed with travelers and the media alike!
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About SeaWorthy News, Our eNewsletter

Reach approximately 477,000+ in-market potential cruise travelers with “CruiseCompete Currents: SeaWorthy News” eNewsletter. Our readers are wealthy, educated consumers who enjoy the finer things in life.

Upscale marketers will find outstanding prospects for products and services appealing to well-to-do consumers who enjoy cruise travel—including quality home décor, jewelry, exotic, adventure and luxury travel, home entertainment systems and designer fashions. (Please see demographics below.)

CruiseCompete offers a variety of advertising opportunities, including an eNewsletter “CruiseCompete Currents: SeaWorthy News,” which reaches approximately 477,000+ upscale, experienced travelers.

Reach a vast audience of upscale, experienced travelers – 75% of whom are already planning to book a vacation within the next 12 months* or sooner.

Site Statistics – Over 2.5 million Visitors, over 12.6 million page views

Annual site visits:

  • CruiseCompete: 2.3M

Annual page views:

Viewing Statistics

  • Desktop 51.13%
  • Mobile 48.87
  • Average open rate: 29.7 and 76.7 for rebroadcasts

For each email campaign, we offer a rebroadcast with a similar yet different subject.

Fees for each broadcast are $750 per drop with a subject change only.

Why? Because repetition is a key component of marketing; each time a consumer sees your brand, it increases the probability of purchase.

Rebroadcast e-mails are opened an average of 46% to 88%. Most consumers need to see a message 7 – 20 times* for it to resonate in their minds. The goal of any marketing e-mail is to reach buyers, and with a cyclical product like cruise vacation travel, only a certain subset of the distribution list will be potential customers at any given time. That is why it is so important to design a campaign with an ongoing, repeated message, and which utilizes rebroadcasts.

Research shows:

  1. Some consumers will buy immediately
  2. Some will buy within 60 days
  3. Some will plan to go back, and it slips their mind until they are reminded again.
  4. Some will get distracted by other offers or life in general and lose interest
  5. Research shows over 23% of Mobile readers will open it again later

*The Journal of Advertising Research, Advertising Research Foundation 2000

CruiseCompete Subscriber Demographics

Our readers are wealthy, educated consumers who enjoy the finer things in life. They are 3.18 times more likely to be in the Affluent Spenders segment than the average Internet user.


CruiseCompete demographics

*Subscriber numbers are approximate and change frequently. Limited availability. All items are subject to change without notice.

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