2019–2020 Viking Ultimate World Cruise

245 Days | 53 Countries | 112 Ports & Grand Voyages

Sail roundtrip London, cruising to six continents and visiting the world’s greatest cities and charming smaller ports.

Or, choose from these four Grand Voyages—world cruise segments ranging from 38 to 87 days, for their authentic cultural immersion, robust onboard enrichment and the extra amenities you deserve: British Isles to Eastern Seaboard (London to New York City), The Americas & Chilean Fjords (New York City to Los Angeles), South Pacific & the Land Down Under (Los Angeles to Sydney), or Australia, Asia, Europe & Beyond (Sydney to London). Whichever voyage you choose, your experience will far exceed the sum of its parts.

FREE Business Class air based on Aug 31, 2019 departure of Viking Ultimate World Cruise. $999 Economy air based on Aug 31, 2019 departure of British Isles to Eastern Seaboard. $299 Economy air based on Oct 10, 2019 departure of The Americas & Chilean Fjords. $1,299 Economy air based on Jan 4, 2020 departure of South Pacific & the Land Down Under. $1,699 Economy air based on Feb 11, 2020 departure of Australia, Asia, Europe & Beyond.

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